Hire Las Vegas Trade Show Models for CES

Trade show staffing at CES

If you need to hire Las Vegas trade show models for CES then Vantage is the event staffing company you’re looking for! We hire experienced and reliable Las Vegas trade show models and promotional girls that are sure to make a difference at your booth.

Staffing Las Vegas Trade Show Models & Promotional Models for CES

When exhibiting at a trade show, costs always seem to pile up. That’s why, at Vantage , we understand that hiring Las Vegas trade show models and promotional models for your booth is not simply to attract attention. Hiring promotional models is a marketing tactic to help your team increase trade show leads and sales. They are an important and integral part of your marketing strategy. That’s why every Las Vegas trade show model we hire has experience working dozens of trade shows, conventions, promotions, and guerrilla marketing events. And, because of the size and importance of CES we focus on providing our clients with high-quality Las Vegas trade show models and event staff that have worked at CES in the past. By doing so, each model we hire is familiar with the venue and registration procedures associated with CES and will be able to assist our clients to his or her fullest potential.

Our Las Vegas trade show models are motivated to showcase your company, brand, or product in the best possible light through the use of their refined communication skills. By hiring Las Vegas trade show models from Vantage Advertising, there is no need to worry about the model’s experience level or commitment.

Why Hire Las Vegas Promotional Models for CES?

When it comes to comparing trade shows, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is on a level of it’s own because of its massive size and innovation. From the small details, to the big ones, you and your sales team need to bring your game face to CES , or you’re going to get lost in the crowd. And, what better way to succeed at CES 2016 then to hire an experienced Las Vegas trade show model who can attract crowds, generate leads, and build valuable relationships between you and your valued consumers?

Las Vegas Trade Show Models are Hired to:

• Attract attendees to your booth

• Pass out brochures or flyers

• Qualify leads

• Scan badges

• Engage attendees through product presenting

• Engage attendees in product demonstration

• And so much more!

Our CES trade show models have worked hard for all of our CES clients in the past and their success has shown through the number of leads and sales they were able to generate.