50 Ways to Generate More Trade Show Leads

Generate trade show leads

50 Ways to Generate More Trade Show Leads

With so much competition at trade shows, expos, conferences, and promotional events, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. But, what’s the point of exhibiting at a trade show or expo if your brand isn’t getting noticed and your team isn’t generating trade show leads?

To help you and your team fight back, we’ve compiled a list of 50, yes 50, ways to help your team generate trade show leads and attract attention to your booth! In order to help you stay organized and to get the creative juices flowing, we’ve divided this blog into two sections. Tips for  generating trade show leads and attracting attention before the trade show event and during it.

Generating More Trade Show Leads and Attracting Attention: Pre-Event Preparations

1. Exhibit at trade shows that your target audience is attending

2. Share your trade show schedule with your social media followers

3. Get involved in the pre-show social media conversation by using the official social media event hashtag

4. Send an email or postcard to your clients informing them that you’ll be exhibiting at the show

5. Research attendees and seek them out at the show

6. Become a trade show sponsor

7. Run a banner ad on the event website

8. Select a central booth location

9. Design a trade show booth that is warm and inviting to attendees

10. Design a trade show booth that accurately and boldly displays your company’s message

11. Design a trade show booth that is visibly appealing

Generating More Trade Show Leads: During the Event

12. Incorporate all of the 5 senses into your trade show booth

13. Bring team members that actually want to be there

14. Hire experienced trade show models to create an inviting atmosphere at your booth

15. Hire promotional models and booth hostesses with an appealing accent

16. Hire a bilingual model or sign language interpreter so everyone can follow along

17. Hire a costume character

18. Hire a celebrity look-a-like

19. Run internal booth contests that encourage your team to stay focused and keep your event staff energized

20. Run booth contests & advertise them on social media

21. Run social media contests

22. Use the event hashtag to share your event photos and videos on social media

23. Include your booth number in your social media event posts

24. Host and run interactive trade show games

25. Rent a photo booth, video booth, or social media kiosk

26. Host a special event, like a book signing or a “Meet the Engineer” type event

27. Host a product demonstration

28. Host a trade show presentation

29. Giveaway educational material such as a free eBook

30. Giveaway product samples

31. Give away promotional items. (Make sure it’s something memorable or useful)

32. Offer candy or chocolate refreshments at your trade show booth

33. Offer drink refreshments

34. Offer to be on the speaker’s panel

35. Clothe your trade show team in branded attire

36. Encourage your trade show staff to mingle with the crowd as they walk around the show

37. Organize a flash mob

38. Release a new product

39. Offer a show discount or coupon to attendees

40. Incorporate interactive touchscreen displays with product information

41. Make your booth interactive with games, fun art projects, or Q&As

42. Incorporate puppies and other cute animals into your booth (when appropriate)

43. Hire a street team to hand out flyers and information packets about your brand

44. Hire a massage therapist

45. Offer to speak at the show

46. Giveaway a grand prize at the end of the show

47. Exchange trade show leads with other vendors (this will help to double your leads!)

48. Practice and perfect your elevator pitch

49. Have a conversation with attendees and get to know them. Don’t just sell.

50. Understand who your target audience is and give them what they want

So, there you have it! 50 amazing ways to increase your lead generation and increase your trade show booth traffic! What other marketing methods do you use to help increase your trade show numbers?