Hire San Francisco Trade Show Models for Intersolar Show 2015

Trade show staff for Intersolar Show 2015

Looking for a way to take your trade show booth at the Intersolar Show to the next level this year? Hiring San Francisco trade show and event models for the Intersolar Show 2015 is a great way to attract attention to your booth, increase your trade show revenue, and keep your sales team focused on selling your brand to attendees. Not sure if hiring trade show and event staff is the right decision for your booth? Here are 5 ways hiring San Francisco trade show models can make a difference at your booth this year at the Intersolar Show.

5 Reasons to Hire San Francisco Trade Show Models for Intersolar Show 2015

1. San Francisco Trade Show Models Manage Promotional Activities:

Hire San Francisco models for Intersolar 2015Supplementing your Intersolar trade show booth with interactive trade show games, trade show presentations, and product demonstrations is a great way to generate interest and attract a targeted audience.  But, it’s still important that each booth activity generate the necessary leads and sales for your team. By hiring trade show models to manage your trade show games and participate in trade show presentations or product demonstrations, you’re giving back valuable time to your trade show team members. This allows them to focus on generating valuable leads and closing more sales.

2. San Francisco Event Models Qualify and Collect Valuable Trade Show Leads:

There’s nothing worse than investing thousands of dollars into Intersolar Show 2015 and returning to the office with dozens of unqualified leads. Hiring San Francisco event and promotional models is a perfect solution to this common exhibitor problem. But, how? San Francisco trade show models have years of experience in the trade show and events industry, so they know just what it takes to target and collect quality trade show leads for your team. Simply take the time to describe your ideal trade show lead to them prior to the event, then watch as they qualify and collect the best trade show leads you’ve ever had.

3. San Francisco Trade Show Models Create a Great First Impression:

Hiring San Francisco trade show models for Intersolar Show 2015 is the ideal way to create an extraordinary first impression. They are professionally trained to greet attendees with a friendly smile and polite conversation. They will also provide attendees with a brief knowledge of your company and answer basic questions as necessary. By engaging in this polite and positive interaction, San Francisco event models help to create a warm and invaluable first impression of your brand.

4. San Francisco Event Models Manager Themselves:

Worried about managing your event staff? Don’t be. San Francisco trade show and event models monitor themselves! Each trade show model makes sure to keep herself as well as her teammates focused on the job at hand, so you don’t have to. However, for larger booths where 5+ models are required, we recommend hiring trade show model managers that are specifically hired to control and monitor the roles, responsibilities, breaks, and whereabouts of each staff member. This helps to take the worry off of your team’s shoulders, while still providing your team with a fully staffed trade show booth.

5. San Francisco Trade Show Models Have Valuable Technological Experience:

When it comes to technology, San Francisco trade show models are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. Because of their location in Silicon Valley, these trade show models are technological innovators that are not afraid to learn as much as they can about technology. Whether you have a tech heavy product or a just need staff to encourage attendees to follow your brand on social, San Francisco trade show models are just what you need!

Where Can I Hire San Francisco Trade Show Models for Intersolar Show 2015?

Want to hire San Francisco trade show and event models for the Intersolar Show, but not sure where to start? Look no further! We provide a wide range of San Francisco talent for all types of trade shows and promotional events.  Contact us for a free quote request.

Here’s a list of the types of staff we hire:

• San Francisco Spokes Models

• San Francisco Product Demonstrators

• San Francisco Product Samplers

• San Francisco Bilingual Models

• San Francisco Costume Models and Character Models

• And more!