Hire Trade Show Models for IEEE Expo 2016

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Is your team exhibiting at IEEE Conference and Exposition this year? With IEEE 2016 only a few months away, now is the time to start planning and preparing your brand’s marketing strategy. How will your team increase trade show leads and sales at IEEE 2016?

One marketing strategy that will be sure to increase your trade show leads and reach at IEEE 2016 is hiring trade show models. Trade show models have the skills and experience necessary to promote your brand, expand your reach, increase your trade show leads, and build valuable relationships with your most important clients.

Hiring Trade Show Models and Expo Models for IEEE Expo 2016

As you plan and prepare for the IEEE Expo this year, it’s important to consider how many of your competitors will also be exhibiting at IEEE and what their marketing strategies will be. Will they run trade show games? Host a product demonstration? Organize a flash mob? Giveaway awesome prizes? No matter what your competition is planning on doing for IEEE 2016, it’s important that your brand does better! Hiring trade show models is an easy and effective way to create an inviting atmosphere at your booth that will entice attendees and get the get them talking about your brand.

Plus, Dallas trade show models hired for IEEE Expo 2016 are a great additional to your trade show booth because they have years of trade show and event experience and have worked the IEEE Expo in the past. This trade show experience is especially important if your brand is new to trade shows, new to the IEEE Expo, or if your brand is simply interested in creating a professional, polished look at your trade show booth.

Still not convinced? Learn what Dallas trade show and promotional models can bring to your booth at the IEEE Expo 2016:

Hire Chicago Trade Show & Promotional Models for IEEE Expo 2016 to:

• Approach & attract attendees and encourage them to enter your booth,

• Act as a qualified and knowledgeable member of your trade show team,

• Run trade show games,

• Give away product information and promotional items,

• Assist with product demonstrations & presentations,

• Qualify trade show leads,

• And in some cases, even close sales

If your brand is looking for that extra special something to make your trade show booth more appealing and interesting to IEEE attendees, then consider hiring Dallas promotional models to promote your brand