How Promotional Models Use Facebook & Twitter to Network and Find Promotional Gigs

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How Promotional Models Use Facebook & Twitter to Network and Find Promotional Gigs

Feel like you’re not getting hired for enough promotional jobs and you aren’t sure why? It may have to do with your social media networking skills (or perhaps, your lack of).

In a society that is driven by social media and an industry that’s driven by networking, it’s important to effectively use your social media pages to help gain access to a larger network. Facebook and Twitter, among others, are just some of the social media websites you can use to help further your connections in the promotional modeling world. The larger your network, the better your chances are to find and book promotional modeling gigs. Want more tips for more bookings? Here are 10 reasons you’re not getting hired as a promotional model.

How Promo Models Use Facebook to Network & Find Event Staffing Gigs

Create a Fan Page

Facebook is a great social media account to utilize because you are able to post information, pictures, videos, and content about yourself not just for fun, but on a professional level as well. For example, many promotional models have a personal Facebook account as well as a fan page that is dedicated to their modeling efforts. By creating a fan page for your modeling career, you can share content, photos, and videos that ONLY have to do with your modeling career- while keeping your personal Facebook account private.

When it comes to pictures, you should make a separate album of each type of modeling you do. For example, print modeling, runway modeling, and promotional modeling should all have separate albums on your Facebook fan page so that the content stays organized and is easier for an event staffing company to view and navigate.

Join the Conversation

Another way Facebook can help you to jumpstart your promotional modeling career is by joining Brand Ambassador groups. Almost every major city in the United States has a “Brand Ambassadors of” page. Promotional modeling gurus and full-time trade show models run and monitor the group, while event staffing agencies and 1,000s of promotional models contribute to the conversation.

When event staffing agencies need models for an upcoming gig, they often post the event to the Facebook groups to see if there are models in the area that would be interested in working. Promotional models also use these groups to network amongst themselves, organize rides, and ask questions about the industry. These brand ambassador pages are truly a great way to get to know other promotional models in the area, learn from experienced trade show models, and apply for upcoming gigs. Just remember, these brand ambassador pages are meant to be for the good of everyone, so posting “I’m available for OTC” or “Like my page” is a sure fire way to get your posts marked as spam, or worse, your group membership revoked.

Like Your Favorite Event Staffing Companies & Promotional Models

Finally, don’t forget that almost all event staffing agencies have their own Facebook page where they share photos and videos of recent events, provide helpful tips, run Facebook contests, and list upcoming gigs they need staffing for! By liking their Facebook page you can stay up-to-date with each event staffing company, and get to know them on a more personal level. Plus, by liking, sharing, and commenting on their content they are more likely to remember your name and recommend you to their clients!

The same thing goes for full-time spokes models and promotional models. Take the time to like them on Facebook.  You’ll get to experience their promotional modeling journey firsthand and learn what to do and what not to do in this industry.

How Promo Models Use Twitter to Network & Find Event Staffing Gigs

Research the Industry & Stay Active

Research and follow industry hashtags to find other models, event staffing agencies, and experts in the promotional modeling industry. Then, use these industry hashtags in your posts in order for other models, event staffing agencies, and experts to have a better chance of finding and interacting with you.

Join the Conversation

Increase your Twitter visibility even more by following, favoriting, retweeting, and responding to tweets written by your favorite event staffing agencies or promotional models. By interacting with them via Twitter you’re more likely to be remembered, recommended for a job, and hired.

Follow Your Favorite Event Staffing Companies & Promotional Models

Similar to Facebook, Twitter is a great way to interact with event staffing companies and other models! Following event staffing agencies and experienced trade show models in the modeling industry could provide you with insider information about upcoming events, gigs, and auditions or tips that could help advance your career.

So, there you have it. The different ways that trade show booth models and promotional models use Facebook and Twitter to increase their network and find more promotional modeling gigs. What other ways do you use Facebook and Twitter (or other social media sites) to help your promotional modeling career?