3 Reasons to Hire Houston Trade Show Models for OTC 2015

Houston trade show models for hire

Did you know that this year’s Offshore Technology Conference (OTC 2015) is sponsored by over 13 different industries, is among the 20 largest trade shows in the United States, will have more than 80,000 people in attendance, and will have over 2,700 companies exhibiting? 

So, how can you, as an exhibitor, harness all 80,000 (or close to it!) attendees, increase your trade show leads, and close more sales? What can you do to stand out above the crowd?

One of the most important aspects of creating a successful booth is filling it with experienced and reliable Houston trade show staff. By hiring Houston trade show staff for OTC 2015 your booth is sure to see an increase in attendee engagement, attendee satisfaction, and collect more quality trade show leads then shows in the past.

3 Ways Houston Trade Show Booth Models Can Make a Difference at OTC 2015

Houston Trade Show Models: Attraction Attention

Before hiring Houston trade show models for OTC, exhibitors ask themselves – Do I even need trade show event staff? The answer is: Of course you do! Sure, your sales team has advanced product knowledge, but how can they share that information if your booth isn’t full of attendees? Houston promotional models have the experience level, skill set, and personality to attract attention to your booth and keep attendees engaged until your sales team can close the sale! Houston promotional models also focus their attention on your brand’s needs and find the most qualified trade show leads for your team.

Here are a few ways hiring Houston trade show models can help attract attention at your booth:

• Passing Out Promotional Giveaways

• Running Booth Games

• Participating in Product Demonstrations

• Participating in Product Sampling

• Acting as a Celebrity Look-A-Like/Costume Character

• Using Their Language Skills to Act as Interpreters/Bilingual Models

• And more!

Houston Trade Show Booth Models: Increase Productivity

One of the most beneficial aspects about hiring Houston trade show and event models for OTC 2015 is that they will help to increase your booth’s overall productivity by saving time. Instead of worrying about generating new leads and attracting attention to your booth- you and your sales team can focus on more important aspects of your booth, like closing sales. Plus, Houston trade show and event models have years of experience in the trade show industry, so they know how to qualify leads, saving your team time and energy on unqualified leads.

Houston Trade Show Booth Models: Cut Costs

Bet that caption caught your attention! Let’s just face it. We all know that exhibiting at a trade show is expensive. There’s no way around it. So, when you find a way to cut costs it’s a big deal! But, how can hiring Houston trade show models actually save you money?

When you hire Houston trade show models, they are local to the area, meaning that you don’t have to pay for their travel, food, or lodging. Still don’t get it? Let’s put it this way, hiring Houston trade show models for OTC 2015 is cost effective because it is cheaper to hire local trade show talent than fly out team members to the event (because you’re paying for their travel, food, and lodging). Hiring Houston trade show booth models are also more cost effective, and in turn more productive, because they have more trade show and event experience than many (if not all) of your team members.

So, there you have it! 3 ways hiring Houston trade show and promotional models can make a difference at OTC 2015.

Are you ready to start hiring? What are you waiting for? Contact us today to find and hire Houston trade show models for OTC 2015.