6 Reasons to Hire Orlando Brand Ambassadors Do For Your Promotions

Orlando brand ambassadors working a summer promotional event

6 Reasons to Hire Orlando Brand Ambassadors For Promotions

Have you hired Orlando brand ambassadors for your upcoming trade show or promotion? If not, then you’re missing out! Orlando brand ambassadors are equipped with the experience and skills necessary to create a warm and inviting booth atmosphere- no matter where you are!  Not convinced? Continue reading to learn what Orlando trade show models can do for your upcoming promotion.

6 Reasons to Hire Orlando Brand Ambassadors & Promotional Models

Eliminates Cultural Boundaries

Hiring Orlando brand ambassadors is the easiest way to instantly eliminate cultural boundaries because many Orlando trade show models speak one or more languages. By hiring bilingual or multilingual models, your team can break the language barrier and double and triple your reach in an instant!

Increases the Effectiveness of Marketing Techniques

Pairing Orlando brand ambassadors with other marketing techniques is a great way to get the most bang for your buck. Think about it. Would you rather receive a promotional item, or information packet from an attractive, professional brand ambassador, or a pushy sales guy? Orlando brand ambassadors have proven their worth time and time again when paired with alternative marketing techniques.

Creates Quality Marketing Material

Brand ambassadors and promotional models present an amazing opportunity to create marketing materials that will last a lifetime. From customer photo contests, to marketing videos- Orlando brand ambassadors can become active participants in your marketing content.

**Disclaimer- While photos and videos of Orlando promo models can turn into amazing marketing materials, it is always important to get permission before including anyone in your marketing materials.

Hiring Promotional Models Cut Costs

Hiring Orlando brand ambassadors is a great way to cut costs. Why? Because Orlando promotional models are experienced in the trade show and promotions industry, meaning you’ll need less team members at the show. By bringing less team members, you cut costs by saving money on travel, food, and lodging expenses.

Increases Brand Awareness & Builds Relationships

Orlando brand ambassadors start by using their experience level and appearance to create an inviting and engaging booth atmosphere that attendees will be draw too. Then, once attendees have approached the booth, our promotional models use their personality and communication skills to build a positive relationship with your most valuable clients.

Increases Lead Generation & Sales

Finally, because of their experience in this field, Orlando brand ambassadors aren’t afraid to approach every attendee that passes by. In doing so, Orlando brand ambassadors never miss an opportunity to showcase your product, brand, or company. In doing so, Orlando promotional models close each day with more leads & business cards then you thought possible. Not convinced? Just ask our clients!

So, what are you waiting for? Hire Orlando trade show models to learn, first hand, what they can do for your promotion.