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Our team of experienced booth models are driven by the fun and excitement that comes from being on the trade show floor. Each booth model brings a unique brand experience and maximum engagement to your event. And they do it at a rate that’s as competitive as it is transparent.

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What is a Booth Babe or Booth Bunny

Booth babe is a term sometimes used to refer to the role of a female model who is working with an exhibitor at a trade show or convention. The Booth babe role typically emphasizes their physical attributes to engage with attendees and attract attention for a brand or product. They can set the tone and perception of an exhibit hall and are ideal for gathering traffic and generating leads.

A booth bunny is an interchangeable term for “Booth Babe”. It refers to an alluring woman that works at an expo or trade show. Booth bunnies can be found at male dominated trade fairs and are hired in order to encourage people to visit a booth.

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How to become a booth model

To become a booth babe, you need to be attractive, outgoing and personable. You need to be able to stand on your feet for hours and strike up a conversation with almost anyone. You will be asked to greet attendees and introduce them to brands and products. Before you arrive, you will need to conduct background research on the company you’re working for and memorize key features for the products they’re selling. To get started in the trade show booth staffing industry simply create a model profile.

A booth bunny is an interchangeable term for “Booth Babe”. It refers to an alluring woman that works at an expo or trade show. Booth bunnies can be found at male dominated trade fairs and are hired in order to encourage people to visit a booth.

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Booth Babes Average Salary

Booth babes average $30.00 per hour according to industry data. The lowest-paid 10 percent made $18.50 per hour and the highest-paid 10 percent earned over $100 hourly. Most worked in Las Vegas, Chicago or Orlando and made a mean hourly rate of $40.00 per hour. Total annual compensation, which includes travel, parking and expense reimbursement can vary any where from $35,905 to $85,010 with the average total compensation of $54,398.

A booth babes’ income is highly dependent on the size of the local convention hall, the types of events being held and the number of exhibitors. Booth models that are willing to travel, have an greater opportunity to increase their earning potential.

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#1 Booth Staffing Agency

As a full-service booth babe agency, we generate interest, energy and action for our client’s events. Our primary goal is to help exhibitors generate leads, while having some fun along the way.

Experience Matters

Since 2009, Vantage Advertising has worked with booth staff to generating interest in our clients’ brands. We believe having a properly staffed booth is paramount to the success of any exhibitor.

Generate Leads

A team of booth hostesses can help you identify and prospect attendees. Filtering qualified leads to your sales team and increasing the return on your trade show investment.

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Ready to Ignite Your Trade Show Booth Staffing Strategy?

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At Vantage Advertising, we staff trade show booth girls that will make an impression. We understand that your trade show is significant, and we take the necessary steps to insure it is properly staffed. We are meticulous and careful in growing our list of booth models. We work closely with our talent to make sure they are prepared before your trade show begins. Trade show booth staffing is our business and were here to make sure you succeed at your event.

We encourage our clients to identify their booth staffing budget to increase their visibility on the trade show floor. Trade show booth staffing is fairly inexpensive and successfully helps exhibitors increase brand awareness while driving traffic to their booth.

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The number-one reason to hire booth staff is lead generation. They invest heavily in their craft to ensure you’re getting qualified leads. Get things started with a free, no hassle price quote.

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Types of Booth Staffing

There are 5 different types of booth models.  These include: booth hostesses, brand ambassadors, booth babes, trade show presenters, and trade show temps.  Make sure you hire the correct type of trade show model for your event.

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Trade Show Booth Hostesses & Greeters

Booth Girl

We specialize in hiring trade show booth models that attract attention and build valuable relationships for your brand. Our experienced Account Executives will work directly with your team to find the best staffers (booth hostesses, booth models, etc.) for your event needs. Contact us today or browse our models to get started!

Booth Babe

Vantage Advertising has some of the brightest and most beautiful models in the industry. Our professional models have represented various products and services and have the experience to make your next event a huge success.

Booth bunny

Here are a few questions to consider when hiring professional booth hostesses and booth models for your next trade show. What is the overall size of your booth? Does your booth have multiple entry points? What types of roles will the booth staff be responsible for?

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