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Hire Trade Show Models for E3 Expo

As the E3 Expo 2016 quickly approaches, it’s time to start organizing and planning your team’s marketing strategy this year. Will you be running promotional games, handing out promotional items, or hosting presentations and product demonstrations? No matter what exciting marketing strategies you have in store for E3 Expo this year, it’s important to hire the best trade show models for your booth to ensure your event marketing goals are met. While bringing the top-notch group of your sales team is a great way to close sales, you may want to consider hiring event staff to help attract leads and build relationships.

Hiring expo girls for the E3 Expo has proven as an impressive and exciting way to create an atmosphere at your booth that attendees will be drawn to. But, what types of E3 Expo will best suit your booth? Spokes models will showcase and describe your brand in a way that impresses attendees, excites them about your product, and provides them with the most valuable and accurate product information. They do this by flawlessly presenting your company’s material and content to attendees through skilled use of ear promoters, teleprompters, and/or by memorizing 20+ minutes of content and material. So, instead of forcing one of your team members to idly stand in front of a crowd, considering hiring a skilled and beautiful spokes model to wow and persuade them!

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With little to no instruction, product demonstrators hired for E3 Expo will transform and showcase your products into fascinating pieces of technology that captivates and excites attendees. But, that’s not all! After demonstrating your product to attendees, product demonstrators will conduct a Q&A session, answer attendee questions, and facilitate discussions surrounding your brand and products. This will provide your sales team with the perfect opportunity to mingle with the crowd collecting leads and closing sales! Search our models to find the best product demonstrators for your brand!

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